The four guiding principles of health

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"The body is a unit."

Every part of the body is intimately related and so if any part of the body is not moving or functioning it directly affects the rest of the bodys ability to function.

In practice this means that in order to treat someone successfully you have to look further that just the muscle or joint that is actually hurting. If someone has a pain in their knee it is of great importance to understand how there foot or hip is moving. A limitation in the ankle joint will very directly affect the knee joint.

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"The body is capable of self-regulation, self-healing, and health maintenance."

When the body is unable to heal rather then imposing medicine or other surgery the Osteopath asks what it is that is keeping the body from being able to self regulate. The Osteopath always looks to support health rather than removing disease.

Pain can be a cause for decreased movement, decreased movement leads to decreased circulation. Decreased circulation leads to a decreased ability to heal.

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"Structure and function are reciprocally interrelated."

The structure, meaning the spine, muscles, bones, ligaments etc. influence how the physiological systems of the body works and adapts. Have you ever heard the saying "Sitting is the new smoking?"
How we move is important and therefore posture is very important. It influences more than just our muscles and joints.

Simple & Powerful

"Rational treatment is based upon an understanding of the basic principles of body unity, self-regulation, and the interrelationship of structure and function."

It is the role of the Osteopathic Doctor to take all of these rules in to consideration when making a diagnosis. That is why I take an integrated approach here at Move Easy Osteopathy where I combine Patient Education, Osteopathic Manual Therapy and Pilates. All of these disciplines feed in to each-other and ultimately gives my client the ability to take control over their own health.


The 3 Step
Move Easy Method

Osteopathic Diagnosis and Osteopathic Manual Treatment
Osteopathic evaluation and diagnosis is a very important part of treatment. Osteopathic Manual Treatment focus on the spine and joints to ensure proper biomechanic function.
Shockwave-Therapy is one of the fastest growing fields in musculoskeletal therapy and it is very much in line with Osteopathic philosophy since it is triggering the bodys own mechanisms for healing. There is extensive research done on the effectiveness of Shockwave-Therapy and it often gives an immediate relief to sore muscles and tendons.
Personalized Pilates Rehab Program
With Pilates and science based rehabilitation programs I show you how to get stronger and move better so that you can do more of the things you love.