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What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a medical treatment model based in the science of anatomy and physiology. To become a licensed Osteopath in Portugal you need to get approved by the ACSS. I hold a BSc degree in the science of Osteopathy and I am approved by the ACSS.


In Osteopathy individuals are seen as a whole, whereby all parts of the human body influence and effect each other. If one part of the body has impaired function, for example a joint, then the rest of the body must adapt and compensate for this, which can cause overload, inflammation and pain in other parts. 


In order to create the best possible starting point for your health and well-being, I base my treatment model and approach around each person's individual condition. Treatment-plans are tailored specifically to the individual.

Here at the MoveEasy Osteopathy Clinic I use spinal manipulation, massage, rehab exercises and shockwave therapy in order to relieve pain and restore function.


Common to all of these techniques are that they are aimed at facilitating your body's own ability to heal and restore balance. Many people prefer this approach since it does not require the use of medication.  

What does an Osteopath treat?

An osteopath treats issues related to the nervous system, muscles, joints and ligaments, or in more general terms pain and dysfunction that is related to the parts of our bodies that are responsible for moving.

Common ailments that we treat here at the MoveEasy clinic are:


  • Sciatica

  • Neck pain

  • Lower back pain

  • Muscle spasm and tender points

  • Tennis and Golfer's elbow

  • Knee pain

  • Foot pain

  • Heel spur / Plantar fasciitis 

Is Osteopathy safe?

Osteopathy is generally considered to be a safe treatment method. In some cases you might feel sore 1 - 2 days after treatment while the body adapts to the change that is created by the osteopathic adjustment.

Here is a link to the UK NHS:


Osteopathy and sports!

Because of our location here in Cascais I see a lot of athletes in the clinic from all different levels of expertise from complete amateur to professional. Cyclists, runners, swimmers, golfers, horseback riders and tennis players are some examples. I use both pilates and shockwave therapy in addition to Osteopathy. 

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