Move Easy Osteopathy Daily Online Classes

Let's support each other in these challenging times!

Join me for FREE live movement classes every
Mon-Fri at 10am.

Safe and easy to follow, these classes are designed to improve your posture, strengthen your core and help you create a healthy daily movement routine.

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Daily Movement Vitamin

Care for your joints, strengthen your core and take control of your physical and mental well being. The Daily Movement Vitamin are thoughtfully planned, therapeutic classes that help you connect with your body and breath.

What you Need

The easy to follow, low impact exercises are performed using a yoga mat or similar. I use props such as yoga blocks, blankets, a belt and chair. If you are missing something don't worry, get creative and find alternatives.

What to Expect

Follow along with me every morning at 10:00 am Portugal time and enjoy a new sense of connection to your body. Experience increased range of motion, coordination and strength all from the comfort of your home.

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