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Tennis Elbow Treatment

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Hi there, my name is Tobias Lotan and I am the Osteopath D.O. running the Move Easy Clinic in Cascais.


I am passionate about helping people perform at their absolute best. 

Whether you are an amateur golfer, tennis player or a pro athlete my goal is the same - to help you do more of the things you love. 


In 2018 I started Move Easy Osteopathy Clinic

to implement all that I have learned from

over 15+ years of training, studying and treating in

to one clinically relevant method that could

deliver reliable results over and over again. 

I found that I was often feeling unsatisfied

after treatments and was often left wishing

for more. That is why The Move Easy 

Method of treatment is structured like this:

  1. Osteopathic manipulative joint treatment that focuses on restoring mobility and homeostasis in joints, ligaments and the nervous system.

  2. Shockwave therapy speeds up recovery and decreases pain in soft tissues like tendons and muscles. (Extremely effective)

  3. Rehabilitative Pilates based on scientifically proven rehab programs that focus on you moving better so that the injury doesn't come back. 

This 3 step method ensures that you get the best care possible and Move Easy Osteopathy Clinic is most often a one stop shop for pain and dysfunctions related to movement. 

I can tell you from firsthand clinical experience that the sooner you get started with treatment for your tennis elbow the better your results will be.

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