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Tennis elbow - What is it, and why is it hurting?

What is it?

Tennis Elbow is caused by a tear in the muscles or tendons that are responsible for gripping, or in other words opening and closing our hand. The muscles or tendons are not able to cope with the stress that is being put on them either by daily activities, such as playing tennis, golfing, carrying heavy bags, pulling at the handbrake etc...

This type of injury is commonly referred to as a Repetitive Strain Injury. Meaning it is not caused by a sudden trauma but by repetitive micro traumas over a longer period of time.

What is the best treatment for Tennis Elbow?

Here at Move Easy Osteopathy Clinic we treat Tennis Elbow in 3 steps.

  • Rehab exercises according to a Heavy, Slow Resistance Training protocol.
  • Shock-Wave Therapy which speeds up recovery time with up to 80% compared to only using Rehab exercises
  • Osteopathic Manual Treatment that aims to unblock and restore normal function in the hand, arm, shoulder and neck which often is where the problem starts.