Welcome to Move Easy Clinic Estoril

Are you experiencing pain, loss of mobility or find it hard to keep a good posture?

As an Osteopath and Functional Movement specialist, the treatments I offer here at my clinic are designed to do two things:

⦁ Relieve pain and restore function in muscles, joints and ligaments
⦁ Help you build strength and increase mobility so that your symptoms aren’t quick to return

About me

My name is Tobias and I’m so pleased you are here and that you are taking the first steps towards prioritizing your health and wellbeing.  

I am an Osteopath with a degree from the University of Wales and am certified in Portugal at Serviço Nacional De Saúde. I am also trained as a Massage therapist and Pilates teacher. My family and I moved from my native Sweden in 2018 to Cascais and have since been enjoying the warm weather and beautiful nature that our new home has to offer.  

As an Osteopath, I have a profound appreciation for the role movement has on our quality of life and am motivated to help you claim responsibility for your long term musculoskeletal health. My goal is to help you not only achieve long lasting pain relief but also to help you identify any lifestyle and environmental factors that may be contributing to your condition so that together we can devise a plan to address them.

‍What to expect from your treatment with me?  

My experience as a practitioner over the years has proven to me that no two patients are alike. This has motivated me to develop a treatment method that includes more than the classical Osteopathic techniques.  

The Move Easy Method combines to restore mobility and treat the musculoskeletal system, Shockwave to address chronic pain and treat sore muscles and Movement Programs designed to help build strength and ensure the results you attain are long lasting.  

My broad knowledge and experience are fundamental to the way I work as it allows me to build a recovery plan tailored to your specific needs. No matter where you are starting from, whether you have been suffering with pain for a long time or whether you have just started to notice something isn’t functioning the way it should be, we will work together to get you back to where you want to be!

Interested in finding out how Osteopathy can help you?