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The Move Easy Method combines Osteopathic Treatment to restore ease of movement, Shockwave Therapy to heal sore muscles and Exercise Programs to help build a new stronger you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does an Osteopath treat?

An Osteopath treats dysfunctions related to the musculoskeletal system. In other words joints, muscles, ligaments, the spine and viscera. The treatment is performed mainly by the use of Osteopathic Manual Techniques such as joint manipulation and massage. Read more about Osteopathy here.

What is the best treatment for Tennis / Golfers Elbow?

A successful treatment plan of tendon related issues such as Golfer and Tennis Elbow relies  on Osteopathic Treatment which ensures that the joints of the neck, shoulder and arm are moving correctly, Shockwave-Therapy that boosts the healing of the muscle/tendon and a Rehab plan that builds the muscle/tendon stronger so that the pain does not come back.

What are the most common causes for foot pain?

Pain around the Achilles Tendon is common especially for runners. Another common condition is pain under the foot close to the heal, sometimes you can develop a bone spur in this area that can be very uncomfortable when you walk.
Mortons Neuroma is also  common especially in women. The pain comes from a nerve that gets pinched in between the bones at the fore foot. All of these conditions are treatable and most often the pain can be eased off within 4 - 6 treatments. Read more here.

Rehab for lower back pain?

When I rehab the Lumbar spine I focus on bringing back movement and coordination. Most people that are experiencing persistent pain and problems with their lower back are missing strength, coordination and mobility.

The hips are also a big contributor to lower back pain and it is very common that the hips and the lumbar spine are "pulling" at each other. Meaning when ever the hips move the lumbar spine moves. This creates strain and irritation to the joints and muscles of the lower back.

Can Osteopathy treat arthritis in my knees?

Osteopathy can not do much about the arthritis it self but there is on the other hand allot to do with muscles, ligaments and surrounding joints that often contributes to the pain associated with the arthritic joint. Many of my patients have felt a substantial decrease in the pain around their arthritic joint with the combination of Shockwave/Therapy, Osteopathic Treatment and a Persoalized Rehab Program.

What can I do to improve my posture? 

When I help people build a stronger or more efficient posture you need to work from three angels. One is education, actually showing how to adjust your posture. The old saying of straighten your back or pull back your shoulders are not really helpful. In fact most often it leads to even more tension and discomfort. The leading goal when looking for a good posture is energy expenditure. A good posture should feel relaxed and easy to hold.

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